Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SOLD - JZA 80 - 2JZ - GE - 6 speeds

Sold To USA
This Half Cut JZA 80 is NA Engine - 6 speeds , The Bodykit is VeilSide

To view engine idling , please view video below:-

TRD Speedometer

General View Of The Engine

General View Of The JZA 80 BodyKit

The Front Bumper Need Minor Repair

Front Bumper With VeilSide Sticker

General View of Side and Rear Skirt

Side Skirt In Good Condition

Side Skirt With VeilSide Sticker

Rear Skirt -In Good Condition

Rear Skirt With VeilSide Sticker

Long Shaft

Rear Axle

Rear View Of The Half Cut

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